Andreas Rønning

Interactive arts and development

I'm an independent, multidisciplinary developer with a history of diverse, successful projects of varying scale.

Since 2001 I've gained significant experience crafting solutions for advertising, installations, game development, in-house tooling and mobile experiences, straddling the front and back ends with an emphasis on improving team cohesion and workflow.

I'm proud, driven, impassioned, quick to learn and result-oriented, caring as much about the process and the work environment as I do for delivering stable, satisfying work for my clients.

My favorite job is supporting a team of developers, designers and artists: Having that immediate loop of iteration and feedback is incredibly rewarding, and seeing what a team can do with tools tailored to their needs never ceases to amaze.

I believe strongly in open source software practices, which has made me fortunate enough to become a repeat speaker at the excellent Flash on the Beach / Reasons conferences in Brighton.



Project highlights